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AWC Music Worship Leader

CONGRADULATIONS to Teresa Johnson Hayward!! She has been appointed:


She will be under the direct supervision of AWC Music's Head Director, me. She was chosen for this assignment, because of her dedication, passion for God's music, leadership characteristics, and personal growth. There is no doubt that Teresa is qualified and anointed in the spirit of music and I welcome her to the AWC Music Staff. May she continue to do what God has called her to be and I pray as we look to the future that everyone within the AWC Music family grow spiritually, musically, and personally in all things. Follow us into purpose as we are led by God's will.

Worship Leader Tier: Governs all members, groups and teams within AWC Music in the direction of the Head Director. Duties are limited to the discretion of the Head Director of AWC Music. Worship Leader is first contact in all AWC Music related situations and communications (Note: The AWC Music website/app will continue to be the required/ proper form of communication).

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