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Church Anniversary Notice


Dionne & Iva

AWC Music is delighted that you have accepted the invitation to join us for the church anniversary!


Thank you all for your continuous hard work. We are transitioning at a fast rate and now with the church anniversary about two weeks away, it is imperative that everyone take notice of some guidelines and expectations.



November 9th- Mandatory

  • Doing it all again + transition to Lord You Are Good

  • High Praise

  • Lord you are awesome

  • Because of who you are

November 16th- Mandatory

  • Lead me to the rock

  • I know the Lord will make a way

  • Can't give up now

November 18th (undetermined)

  • Full rundown

November 19th- Mandatory 9:45am!

Guidelines and Expectations:

  • Lateness is unacceptable

  • Unpreparedness is unacceptable

  • You must attend all rehearsals to participate in the anniversary (exceptions are at the descretion of leadership)

  • You must record!

We only have an hour to rehearse so please be mindful that the more time we spend on songs, because of unpreparedness and lateness, is wasted. Don't be a hindrance; Be our solution!


We will spend only a maximum of 15mins on the songs outlined for this coming Sunday, November 12, 2023 near the end of rehearsal.



Questions or Concerns can be directed to:

Tarez- Praise Team Leader

Teresa- Worship Director

Kahdeen- Music Executive

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