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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Great job everyone!! Your hard work is paying off. Trust the process and we’ll be successful every time we sing. Our first new song of the year and we did awesomely.

Although you were there for the experience, I strongly advise reviewing the service on Alpha‘s YouTube. The church’s streamed videos are on home page. There’s always room for improvement.


Don’t forget to review the music!! “Something has to break” is simple however can be a tongue twister in the lyrics:

I believe You'll get me to it

I believe You'll lead me through it

I believe that You will do it right now

Something has to break

The LEAD for this song is open, please let me know. This is your opportunity don’t be silent.


Starting this Thursday‘s rehearsal, all rehearsals we be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel. I have partnered with the Sound Ministry to utilize the streaming equipment for rehearsals.

There will be a link sent to you following rehearsals. This unique link will be the only way to access the rehearsal video. If you are not a SITE MEMBER, you will recieve it by email. ALL SITE MEMBERS will receive the link by Spaces App or Message. Note: If you do not sing on that Sunday, or absent for rehearsal, you will not receive the link to the recorded rehearsal.

Advisory: Mind what you say in and around the microphones.

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