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Finally! Recorded Rehearsals

Prepare to receive a link to view Thursday's Rehearsal. I will send the link to your email I have on file and/or a message in your members inbox on the website.

Be advised, clicking the link is the only way to view the video. It will not be listed on the YouTube Channel.


Some Notes

Regarding Awesome by William Murphy:

1. Sopranos you are too loud. Be mindful that Altos have the Melody of the song.

2. Please decide as a team on whether you say "If wasn't" or "If it wasn't". The correct lyrics according to online are "If wasn't".

3. Dionne make sure to lead everyone in on the ending part ("You Are Awesome"). We never rehearsed the song again when you arrived.


Below are the time stamps for the rehearsal video. YouTube split the video in chapters, making it easier to navigate. The time stamps are also in the description of the video.

Awesome by William Murphy

00:00-01:32 Sopranos and Harmony

09-56-10:15 Soprano Note Correction

10:32-11:50 Chorus

12:24-15:58 Fixing Problems (Sopranos)

17:50-18:48 Beginning of Song

18:50-21:50 Addressing Issues

21:51-25:40 Song without Stopping

Awesome Wonder by JJ. Hairston & Youthful Praise

25:44-29:30----------First Attempt without Stopping

30:28-31:00----------Ny Filling in for Dionne

31:01-48:28----------Technical Difficulties

48:28-54:05----------Second Attempt without Stopping

54:15-57:59----------Working on Parts ("Your Kingdom")

58:00-1:00:30-------Starting from Second Verse

1:00:00-1:06:08----Working on Parts

1:06:10-1:09:00----Starting from Second Verse to End

I'm In Love With You by Chico Robinson

1:12:21-1:13:25 Some Fun & Laughter

1:13:30-1:17:15 First Attempt without Stopping

1:17:48-1:19:24 Soprano Parts

1:19:25-1:20:20 Parts

1:20:28-1:20:52 Altos & Sopranos

1:20:53-1:21:37 Tenor

1:21:40-1:22:10 Full Harmony

1:22:11-1:32:56 Corrections/Modifications

1:33:00-1:36:20 Harmony

1:36:22-1:42:00 Second Attempt without Stopping

1:42:05-1:42:35 Tenor

1:42:45-1:46:15 Going over Ending

1:47:30-1:52:550 Start to End

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