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Mandatory Townhall Discussion: PAW Team

Hey everyone!

I re-watch the services multiple times through the week to see how we can improve Sunday to Sunday. I have my opinions about Sunday‘s service presentation and overall performance, however I am opening the floor to you. Openly give your honest opinion about this week's service in the comment section.

If you believe that there are no issues and everything was done to perfection, or in contrast, you think there are some needed improvement in areas within the group don’t hold back.

Below is a link to Sunday‘s service. Review and then comment here in this post.

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3 comentários

Hello Everyone,

I wrote a post last night…and it disappeared when I clicked publish LOL…cause I hadn’t signed in LOL, yall know me and tech don’t get along.

In short, there were a lot of wrong notes, there were a times you couldn’t hear the Altos, and I had to read a piece of paper to get the words.

We need to work on our presence LOL..either we gonna sway together, etc or not at all LOL,

In all honesty, I should have declined to sing the song Thursday, but I didn’t want people upset because it would cause us to stay longer, as well as put Kahdeen on the spot and we not be fully prepared on Sunday morning…


Dionne White
Dionne White
03 de mai. de 2022

Good morning,

Honestly, I'm not going ro watch the service. In my opinion as our leader if you see areas for improvement let us know. Speak to us as a whole team or individually. I feel lthat it's hard to follow the recorded music and do the song exactly the same during the service. I would prefer if you just play.

AWC Music Ministry
AWC Music Ministry
03 de mai. de 2022
Respondendo a

@Dionne White Goodmorning! Thanks for commenting. I respect your individuality. Refusing to watch the video and give feedback is your choice. This team is scarred by the past leadership and I want to help you all get to a higher standard. If we can’t take criticism from our peers and members, how can we grow? I’m trying to build strength and confidence in all of you to be a dynamic, influential force on and off the pulpit.

NFL coaches review the tapes of their players after every game to better the team and then he has the team watch the play by play, so they can see for themselves where to get better. It’s humbling and creates personal accountability.

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