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Songs for June! & post meeting highlights

I have just updated the YouTube Channel with playlists for the month of June. Each week includes a new song. I will continue to include new songs in doses due to the fact many of you will be absent on various weeks for the summer.

Please review the songs and be ready to know your parts. You are still required to come to rehearsals if you do not plan to sing on a specific Sunday. You are also required to personally record rehearsal.

Leads list (6/5/22):

Arise- Teresa

Because of who you are- Teresa

Let it Rise- Iva


I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation, honesty and input during the meeting on Thursday. I have meetings to give you all opportunities to freely discuss the issues that hinders our growth and the improvements that can be accomplished in the future. I am on nobody’s side but God’s and I hope that it is clear that I hold everyone at the same responsibility to govern their own accountability.

Some Highlights:

“We should sing new songs..” - It is believed that the way we have been singing the old songs for years are ingrained in our minds. Therefore, when the song is expected to be sung how it was originally recorded, it complicates rehearsals and performance confidence. The theory is that everyone will learn the new songs diligently because they don’t know it, juxtaposed to the old songs that we’ve known to sing the same way, whether wrong or rearranged, for years. (This idea accredited to Dionne)

solution: I have included 4 new songs for the month of June. And will continue on that path with a moderate increase of new songs per month; given our performance improves.


“if we sing the songs all the way through first, then we can see where to fix it…”- This topic was regarding how we should rehearse to utilize our time efficiently.

solution: I had observed in a previous rehearsal how we do better when we sing the song to completion and then worked on areas that needed improvements after. I agree with everyone’s input. I will include this into our rehearsals and see if we improve.


“I’m counting…”- Some have resorted to trying to understand the structure of the song during service by counting instead of looking and listening.

solution: The structure/format of any song should already be learned by you personally if you review the song resources given. If you are not leading the song, how and when you do turn arounds, repeats, 3-part harmony, etc should not be your concern. Teresa and I will work on the leads, to make sure they are prepared to guide you through the songs. Majority of the tracks I create can go wherever the leader wants to go previously/forward in the song. The track system is only limited by lack of direction. You will know beforehand if I did not make a flexible track.


“I only came back because the times…”- There are concerns that rehearsal will end later and confusion on what time rehearsal starts.

comment/solution: Originally, I was being courteous and reasonable when I said 6:30pm to 8:00pm; latest 8:30pm.I know everyone has jobs and families, which can complicate arriving on time. I thought 6:30pm was reasonable, however many are arriving after 6:30pm. I generally open the doors at 6:20pm. I’ve said it many times in my posts for rehearsals, be on time so we can leave at a good time. The time we leave rehearsal depends on your preparedness.

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