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Updates and Reminders

Being that we are a vital part of Alpha Worship Center’s worship experience, it is important that I make sure you are updated:

Because we are not able to rehearse, please LISTEN to the music as a refresher. You are still required to meet before service at 10:00am. You are expected to know your notes prior to meeting. If you have trouble with finding your note or understanding the song arrangements, notify Teresa BEFORE Sunday.


On YouTube (+New Song) means we are rehearsing that song to be sung on a future Sunday.


Whenever there is a virtual Sunday, expect to sing on those Sundays. Teresa and I will let you know if the praise team will not sing.


It is your responsibility to make sure to notify Teresa of your expected absence.


If someone you know wishes to sing or if you are approached about singing on the “Praise Team” please direct them to Teresa. Note: ALL potential singers are required to audition effective February 20, 2023. We also have a website


Lastly, for those who have pledged a monetary responsibility that started July 31, 2022, please make sure to be timely in your continuous contribution. I don’t like hunting you down on Sunday. If you are facing a burden, just let me know.

Thanks. You all are doing a great job!

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